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Next Level Tag brings the party to you.

What you DO

Enlist your friends, family, neighbors, congregations, coworkers, classmates, club-mates, elevator-mates... to join you in battle. Contact us and we'll take it from there. 


Why Next Level Tag different?

Next Level Tag is a tactical game.

Team work and strategy are key

Games are won by scenario completion not individual scores.


Don't have a location to play? Contact us and we'll help you find a location.

Next Level Tag has some game fields in the Seacoast NH area that you can use for your game!

All About
Next Level Tag

We bring the game to you! Mobile laser tag party service out of Newfields, NH

Need a unique entertainment experience at your next event?

Want to get a group of friends together just for the fun of it?

Why not make it the best in the NH Seacoast? Book  Next Level Tag!  We bring the most immersive mobile gaming experience
in the Seacoast area!


Next Level Tag brings the party to you.


All of the equipment, barricades, walls and more.


Outdoor Tactical Tag is like finding Bigfoot, in the middle of the forest, at midnight...drinking a cup of tea and whistling the tune to “Sweet Home Alabama.”


It’s awesome. The only thing we’d add is we’d definitely give Bigfoot a big laser he could get in on a game.


With small or large groups, and equipment that can fit almost any yard size or outdoor area, Next Level Tag will make your next event unforgettable.


Get outside. Breathe the fresh air...and get ready to be firing laser beams like the beast you know you are.


Just don’t let Bigfoot see you.


Save the indoor activities for another time - there’s no better way to enjoy safe, social play than with Next Level Tag.


We bring the equipment - you have the fun. Guaranteed.


Enjoy the insane fun of Next Level Tag anywhere outdoors. Perfect for work events, team building, birthday parties and more.


Indoor laser tag is stuffy. It’s time to let your hair down and have some fun outside with a business that knows what it means to be awesome: Next Level Tag.


We come to you.


PS: If you need us, Bigfoot, we can even do setups in the forest. Callus any time! Next Level Tag is perfect for Mythological creatures and anyone over the age of 7

Our growing popularity stems from our level of commitment to each game and tournament we’re part of, and our dedication to creating fun scenarios. Our games wouldn’t be possible without our passionate game providers, who are always there to support your gaming experience.

Schedule your laser tag party today!

 Laser Tag Party

Elimination Match

Each team goal is to destroy
as many players of the opposing team as it can.



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