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Losing weight while playing laser tag

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

In the modern world of couch potatoes and snack bars, the problem of excess weight is relevant for many men and women. Thus, according to Rospotrebnadzor, the number of obese people has doubled over the past eight years.

You hear a lot of things: "I would like to lose weight, but there's no time to go to the gym." You can understand those people: not everyone has the strength to train after a long day's work. It turns out that the desire to keep oneself in shape is present, but the idea of going to the gym in the evening is horrifying.

In pursuit of the desired result, some people are looking for magical ways to lose weight with the help of sports in a month, while others start experimenting with diets, counting calories, or simply limiting themselves to food. At first, the effort can be successful: the "shock" therapy will make the body get rid of extra pounds. But there are several dangers in the way.

First of all, a person will lose not only his fat reserves, but also his muscle mass on a diet. Second, after the diet is complete and the diet returns to normal, the weight is likely to return. The desired effect can be achieved only with a comprehensive approach to the scheme of correct nutrition + sport. No extremes!

Sports to everyone's liking

Regular training will help to reduce weight, form a beautiful figure. It will also help to keep and if you are skillful - to increase your muscle mass. Without them, it will not be possible to achieve a long-term result. The main thing is to make sure that training isn't a burden. Of course, you'll have to activate your will power. But there's no point in turning weight loss through sport into conscription - you'll probably quit halfway through this approach.

What kind of sports do you want to do to lose weight with pleasure? Our advice is to try laser tag.

Fitness instructors and coaches assure: laser tag provides an excellent physical activity. It combines athletic component and game elements, which helps to entice people, deprives them of routine activities. Laser tag uses realistic equipment with sound effects and vibration sensors. This adds emotions to your training and helps to establish interaction between participants. Players can choose an interesting story and turn the game task into an exciting adventure.

Train your body while playing

How does laser tag affect the body? During the game, there are elements of interval training. Energetic jerks: when you need to overcome the necessary distance as quickly as possible. Respite moments: when you wait for the opponent in an ambush. Participants of laser battles make many different movements that are in some form or another present in traditional physical training - running, jumping, tilting, lifting legs, arms, turns.

When it comes to playing outdoors on a playground, participants are likely to have to travel over rough terrain. In such conditions, the player involves the muscles of the press, back, hips, caviar. Plus, the player needs to carry a tagger all the time. Laser tag weapon models have different weights, but even the lightest assault rifles such as LASERWAR's MP9-LT Phoenix weighs about 700-800 grams (we're not talking about laser tag pistols, which are rarely used as standalone weapons). It's not hard to just hold such a weapon, but it's harder to run with it, especially for girls. As a result, the equipment turns into a sports apparatus that increases the load on the athlete. We get a training session that affects the whole body and helps to lose weight faster.

Cardio with a tagger

In addition to all of the above, laser tag is also a quality cardio training. During exercise, the heart starts to contract more often, the blood gets more oxygen, resulting in faster metabolism and burning of fat cells. Cardio training helps to strengthen the heart and vessels, to become more enduring. Regular exercise allows you to lose weight and keep yourself in good physical shape.

The guys from the Arsenal laser tag Club in Sarapul (Udmurtia) conducted a big experiment to prove that laser tag can easily replace cardio training in the gym.

Participants of the beauty contest "Kamskaya Beauty - 2019" played laser tag under the guidance of an experienced coach. One of the contestants wore a fitness bracelet during the game. At the end of the training the gadget showed how far its owner ran and how many calories were burned in a ten-minute round. It turned out that in ten minutes of playing laser tag you can burn an average of 100 kilo-calories and walk 800 meters. And in food equivalent, it's an orange and a half. Or a small fried potato. Or half a banana. Or 20 grams of potato chips. It's easy to understand that a half-hour laser tag game helps to burn calories and prevents you from gaining weight.

A cure for stress

As we have already said, it is possible to lose weight effectively with the help of sports and to consolidate the result only when the lessons bring pleasure. Laser tag fully meets this requirement.

1. Laser tag is safe. Taggers shoot harmless laser beams and hit electronic sensors. No punches, no bruises, no scratches. That's why even small (6-7 years) kids are allowed to play laser tag. Learn more about the benefits of laser tags for children here. The only discomfort you may encounter is heaviness and discomfort in your muscles in the morning after the game. But that's how it's supposed to be after an intense workout, right?

2. Laser tag is a team game. It's much fun when you train together - time flies. In addition, a person receives pleasant emotions from communicating with friends, colleagues or relatives. The unique case when you don't need to part with your loved ones during training - play and have fun together!

3. Laser tag is an opportunity to spend time outdoors, which is especially valuable for those who spend many hours indoors and are rarely go to the countryside. You can play laser tag in winter - LASERWAR equipment easily withstands negative temperatures.

4. Laser tag is a great cure for stress. A person comes to the rental club and gets into a new, unusual environment. It's a good distraction from your PC, smartphone and routine household chores. The player opens a new world of game reality, where the decisions of each player are important. He gets the opportunity to act. New impressions distract from the thoughts of eating, which is important for those who play sports to lose weight, and gave up the usual diet in favor of good nutrition.

There are people who do laser tags regularly. They participate in tournaments, scenario games, competitions and are in a good shape - thanks to regular training.

But laser tag is not just for professional athletes. It's good for both unprepared beginners and those who are tired of the gym. For some players, a laser tag game can be a starting point on the way to the body improvement. For others - it will help to diversify the series of training and then return to the routine with new strength.

The player gets bright emotions, gets rid of negative things in his life and trains his body. A perfect scheme to lose weight and love sports! Play laser tag and be healthy!

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