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Laser tag for kids

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

"Just look at these kids! They don't have anything that could interest them. All day long they sit in front of their phones and desktops!" Sounds familiar, right? We constantly hear similar complaints about the younger generation. Here it is, the conflict of the 21st century generations: adults who grew up without mobile phones and laptops condemn those who were born in an era of booming technology and start using gadgets before they learn how to read.

NEXT LEVEL TAG disagrees with that approach. The situation isn't as sad as some people think. First of all, today's kids are already difficult to surprise with a smartphone or a tablet. Everybody has them. Those gadgets have long been a regular part of everyday life. Far from being its main part.

Secondly, many teenagers today are looking for an opportunity to realize themselves through hobby, sports and creativity. And the task of adults is not to waste time on endless criticism, but to support their kids, giving them the opportunity to spend time actively and usefully. Laser tag is the best choice for that purpose. It's called the sport of the future not by chance. It's a combination of high technology, safety and sports that make this game really exciting.

Laser tag advantages for kids

Laser tag has long since ceased to be just a kids' game, but it still has plenty of pluses for little restless persons. These are the main ones.

+ Excellent entertainment

Playing laser tag can be a great alternative to your usual leisure time. If current movies are of no interest, and you do not want to sit at home – come to the laser tag club. This option will also help if you are tired of the holidays in kids' cafes and entertainment centers. Adults will not have to puzzle over the scenario of the celebration, and kids will enjoy a lot of running and have a great time. Just what you need for a noisy company.

+ Activity

Laser tag will please even kids who prefer computer games to all other entertainment activities. You can complete missions and fight the enemy in the real world. The little gamer will quickly realize that such a game has many advantages. Say good-bye to the mouse and joystick – the kid will be given an advanced laser weapon. He will need to aim and shoot at real opponents, come up with a strategy to win and work in a team. Playing laser tag will require a lot of energy from your kid – ideal for a little homebody.

+ Realism

Game sets for laser tag are unique high-tech equipment. They look like real weapons, but at the same time they shoot laser beams harmless to humans. The realistic models retain the weight and dimensions of the originals. Plastic taggers are usually lighter, but just as impressive in design. Which kid would refuse to hold such advanced technology, let alone play with it?

The variety of laser tag game sets is impressive. The LASERWAR product range includes pistols, submachine guns, sniper rifles and even historical weapons, which many saw only in the museum. All kinds of devices allow you to create really interesting missions. Mines, bombs, grenades, medical kits, knives help to come up with original scenarios close to the real combat tasks of military units. This is not a mock battle for kids with sticks instead of pistols. You kids will remember laser tag, be sure of that.