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1. What do I need to get started?


To get started, simply go to Booking and complete the form. 

2. Who can play Outdoor Laser Tag?

Anyone aged 7 and older, male or female - everyone can play to a level that they find comfortable! Laser mission scenarios are great fun for the casual player and our structured strategy missions are designed to encourage working together as a team, using leadership skills and effective communication. The ultimate mission game, combining role-play and problem-solving, guarantees an experience unlike any other.

3. What is Outdoor Laser Tag?

Outdoor Laser Tag, also know as Laser Skirmish, is a revolutionary new hi-tech, adrenaline-pumping, team-based, live video game, where players star in their own real, live action packed outdoor video game. Instead of sitting on a chair or couch with a hand controller and TV remote, players are outside in the fresh air with their friends, armed with a hi-tech tagger that shoots an invisible, 100% Safe, infrared beam to tag opponents sensors. All mission games and scenarios can be played by any age and skill level, inside or outside, day or night!


4. Where can I play?

We are 100% Mobile. We come directly to YOU, so you can play wherever you want, at your home, your local park, school, campus, office, whenever you want. You can also play indoors in a space that is large enough to accommodate the number of players you expect. Field sizes can be a small as half a basketball court to as large an area as you wish. 

We now are able to offer locations in our local area if you are unable to secure a field rental or have a space large enough to accommodate a game. If you need a space contact us and we'll set you up. Location booking is not available through our automated booking system and would need to be done with a custom booking. 

5. What is a Tagger?

A "tagger" is a laser tag toy from Laswerwar. Our hi-tech taggers are unique and provide a "WOW" factor when players see and use them. They have voice/sound effects, have sensitive sensors to record hits and an LCD screen to show fire power and "lives" and a cool muzzle flash.

6. Do the Taggers shoot lasers? Is it safe?

There are NO LASERS. Our taggers from Laswerwar do not use real lasers; rather the tagger emits an invisible and harmless INFARED beam, similar to a TV Remote Control. There are no projectiles, paint or pellets, so it is safe and suitable for everyone to enjoy. For more info on safety, click here.


7. How do the tagger work?

Our taggers are unique. They are modeled based on modern mil-spec design. With an effective range of up to 500 feet, they use realistic digitized sounds and offer multiple modes of fire. This is hi-tech with attitude!

The Taggers have sensors on the body - 4 on a wrap around the head band (front & back) The Tagger works using an infra-red beam (like your TV remote) and emit a signal to the other player's equipment at distances up to 500 feet. When a gamer is tagged by the infra-red beam their equipment emits sound a loud sound to let you know that you've hit the other player, and when you've been hit. There is no difficulty now in tracking the direction of the shot. Each sensor in the headband is equipped with a vibration motor. When the player is hit, it will activate the vibration motors only of those sensors that have taken an infrared pulse. 


8. Damages/Costs of Replacements?

If you play according to our rules and safety standards, there should not be any damage other than normal wear and tear. The gear has been battlefield tested, is professional grade and very robust. However, if play is careless, equipment parts can break and/or be damaged. If something is broken, as per your terms and conditions you will be charged for what was damaged or lost. 


9. Can I play during the day or night, inside?

YES! Our hi-tech system can be used anytime of day or night, light rain or shine, indoors or outdoors.


10. What size property do I need?


The size of the property depends on the number of players during a mission round. For parties of 12+ players, you can safely play on a field half the size of a tennis or basketball court, for larger more complex scenarios , a full size tennis court or basketball court is an appropriate safe space. 


11. Can I play in a public park?

If you do not have adequate space, many of our clients have played in public parks or on school grounds. Depending on the size of your party, you may need to get permission from your parks and recreation department and may be subject to a small fee..


12. Can we play in the rain?

Sure. However, we offer a rain-date in all of our contracts. Since our equipment has metal, we will not play if thunder and lightning are expected. The equipment is weather resistant for play during a light rain which players love, but because it is not waterproof we stop play or reschedule events and rentals for heavy rain.

13. Do I have to wear a vest like Indoor Laser Tag?

No way! We play outside in the fresh air, so there is no terrible odor to deal with and since our system is hi-tech using sensitive sensors which are placed around each player as well as on the laser tagger itself, there is no need for a vest. However, we do offer the option for a more realistic experience using a harness strap light weight body sensors. 

14. How well do the taggers work outside and at night?

The taggers are hi-tech and are made to work in bright sunlight and work the same indoors with lights or at night or in a darkened area. The taggers work great at night and nighttime missions add a very different element to the missions.

15. Do you include staff to run the party?

Yes our game providers organize the games and help with the gear.  We bring the staff to the party location and they manage the entire game. We have experienced staff who know how to manage small and large groups to maximize playing time and fun. Our staff reduces the stress so the party host can enjoy watching and playing during their event.

16. What can I expect when I hire a game provider for my party?

Your game provider(s) will handle everything and take the stress out of setting up, managing the event and organizing your guests to play the mission games. Your game provider will call you within 1 hour of arriving at your party. Upon arrival, no later than 30 minutes prior to the start of your party your game provider will survey your property set-up.

Your game provider(s) will organize teams, instruct players on equipment use, conduct a safety briefing, identify the field of play/boundaries and will go through the various scenarios and games that your guests will play. At the conclusion of the event, your game provider(s) will distribute party favors to your guests, if purchased separately, and disassemble the mission field.

Since our game provider(s) rely on tips, their priority is that you and your guests are 100% satisfied. Their mission -- your satisfaction!

17. What should players wear?

We encourage party hosts to direct their guests  closed toe shoes. Loose fitting clothing also makes running and moving around easier. Dress weather appropriate like any other sport. In cooler months if you want dress up in camo or other fun themes that's cool too, as long as it is safe to run around in, not a hazzard to your self or others in close proximity.  


18. Are there any other costs other than the contracted session fee during the event?

No! Unlike paintball, there is no additional cost for fire power or player lives.


19. What do I need to provide when the event is at my location?

Nothing else to play the mission games...everything needed to play is included in the price. You may want to offer players a drink, snack, etc.

20. How long do the Mission games last?

After an equipment orientation, we start with a 5 minute demo round of play. The length of the missions will vary from 5-10 minutes to 20-30 minutes. Several factors are considered when determining the mission time. The age of the players, the size of the field, the mission objective, the number of players that need to participate in the event and the weather conditions. No mission game ever plays the same twice.

21. How do you know when you’ve been hit?

The equipment from Laserwar is designed to eliminate cheating. When you take a ‘hit’ from another player, the laser will sound  so that you and surrounding players will hear it. The hit senors also provide feed back vibration and rgb  lights flash red. Your "lives" will be reduced. the side of the tagger also has a health counter. Then once all of your lives have been used, the senor will turn red, which stops the laser from firing. Don’t worry... depending on the mission game, you will either need to report to Mission Headquarters until the next mission or your laser will be re-activated by the game provider or re-spawn device  but will still register a death on the score system... so survival is the key.

22. How do you know when you’ve hit somebody?

There are a few ways. You may hear the hit sound from the player's laser, you may see their head bands flash. and/or, depending if they have run out of "lives" they will either need to walk off the mission field with their laser in the air back to Mission Headquarters or go to a game provider for more "lives" so they can continue to play.

23. How do you win the Mission games?

Since each mission has a different objective there are several ways winning teams are determined. Most times winning teams are determined on "health" count - that's the team who eliminates the most opposing players and or who has the most amount of "health" remaining as recorded on the LCD screen of each tagger which the game provider will count to announce the winning team.

25. Customer Service?

You are our customer and your satisfaction is our #1 Priority. We are always here to help you and can always be reached by e-mail, text or phone. We will reply to your party inquiry within 24 hours and if we do not, you will receive a discount. If you have any other questions please feel free to email us at

26. What is Next Level Tag's service area.

We are located in the Rockingham county area of new Hampshire. Travel Fees may be added for events outside of 25 Mile radius of Epping NH.

27. All I see are birthday party packages, how do I book other events?


To book a group event or other custom package use our contact form on the home page, to tell us what you are looking for. We'll generate an estimate and send you custom invoice once all the details are confirmed.

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