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Zombie Apocalypse scenario

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Zombies Apocalypse - is a unique scenario, implemented only on LaserWar company equipment.

Usually, the game manager selects 3-5 experienced players and sets them into special Zombie mode using the Remote Pro device.

Zombie mode uses specific parameters of hit points number and damage level. Usually, a number of hit points for Zombie Players is two times more than for usual players, and the damage of the zombie players weapons is twice as small than normal players have.

Usually, these players have other parameters of Shock and Survivability (they are set 2 times higher than for normal players).

The presets of equipment are adjusted in such a way that:

- If an ordinary player “kills” the zombie, the zombie automatically goes out of the game.

- If a zombie “kills” an ordinary player, then the player goes out of the game for 30 seconds, and then his equipment automatically is turned to a Zombie mode and a player becomes a zombie. Within these 30 seconds, the player’s equipment makes a sound of a zombie growl.

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