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Hostage Rescue / VIP scenarios

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Generally, the hostages are placed near team 2 starting point. To rescue the hostages, team 1 must interact with them (by walking up to a hostage and tagging them with a single shot from tagger) and lead them to the hostage rescue zone, usually located near the team 1 starting point.

The secondary objective, which also secures a victory for either team, is to eliminate all members of the opposing team. If the round time expires, team 2 win by default.

If the surviving hostage have been rescued, team 1 will win by default.

There can also be some variation to game play such as hostage exchanged for ransom etc.

Hostage rescue is a game scenario where the round winning conditions for the two teams are:

Win by

  • Team 1

    • Rescue the hostage

    • Eliminate all of team 2 before the round timer runs out

  • Team 2

    • Run down the round timer without team 1 rescuing the hostage

    • Eliminate all team 1

VIP Protection,

One team will act as a protection detail for a VIP. The VIP has an objective to meet witch will vary from game to game.

The opposing force's job will be to capture or take out the VIP before they can finish their mission.

Depending on the strategy applied by the the attacking team this could result in ambush attempts. The protection team will have a medic in the group who may be able to extend the life expectancy of an injured VIP if treatment is applied in time.

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