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Bomb Scenario

Updated: Jun 12, 2021

You can play game scenarios aimed to bring the bomb to the enemy's base and explode it, or vice versa, for some fixed time, destroy all “terrorists” and defuse the bomb.

In this scenario, the device is a bomb of a given type. There can be 3 types of bombs: High-explosive, Neutron, and Biological. When a High-explosive bomb is exploded, a single command of "Blow up a player" is emitted.  When the Neutron bomb is triggered, it sends periodically radiation command that lessens the player’s health hit points each time by 25%. When the biological container is triggered, the device emits a Zombie command.

To activate the bomb, the player should press and hold the game button for a certain time. After that, the bomb is considered activated and it starts a countdown before the explosion. During this countdown time, the bomb can be deactivated.

To do this, the player should perform the same actions, it means also pressing and holding the game button for a certain amount of time.

The game Provider can also preset an option of confirming the activation and/or deactivation of the bomb by a shot. In this case, we can guarantee that only «live» player will able to perform these actions because «dead» player can’t fire.

Depending on the scenario, the bomb can be mounted stationary, with the need to activate or neutralize it, or can be used as a portable explosive device for a sabotage party.

It is possible to play a scenario with using this bomb as a container for transportation of «radioactive» or «biologically hazardous» substances, which should be delivered to the intended destination within the time set by the timer.

Team 1:

Run down the round timer without team 2 ever planting the explosive. The round time lasts 5 minutes. The taggers are set to one to two hit kills with no re-spawn allowed.

Win by

  • Defusing the bomb after it has been planted.

  • Eliminating all team 2 before the bomb is planted.

Team 2:

  • Plant the bomb explosive and run down its countdown without the team 1 defusing it. The bomb timer lasts for 45 seconds.

  • Eliminate all team 1.

  • The bomb can only be planted at a bombsite

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