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Juggernaut Scenario

The Juggernaut scenario is usually used for children's entertainment.

Before beginning, one or more experienced players or trainers gets an increased number of hit-points. They become Juggernauts. Other players are Hunters.

Location areas where Juggernauts can play is limited and Juggernauts cannot use the Re-spawn Device. Hunters, conversely, can use it an unlimited number of times.

After the game begins, Hunters can start to hunt Juggernauts.

The goal of hunters is to “kill” all Juggernauts before the end of a certain time (usually 5,7 or 10 minutes).

Sometimes, additional rules can be used to complicate this scenario.

For example, as in Bases, Flags or Domination scenarios players can use the Re-spawn Device only if they collect at least three players near it or use it only after some time has elapsed from the previous use. Alternatively, you can also limit the number of Re-spawn Device used during the game.

However, because this scenario is used primarily at children's parties, it is rarely complicated with such additional rules.

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1 Comment

It was so much fun for my boys! They got to gang up on the adults. It was a barrel of laughs and well worth the money for my son's birthday.

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