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Bases Scenario


This scenario looks a bit like a simultaneous Assault and Defense for two teams, and it is also very particular about location. You should have two assault objects with an approximately equal level of protection from storming. They should not be so strongly protected as in the Assault scenario, but it is desirable that it was two buildings or two heights or two forest areas, or some combination of these objects. Each object will be a base of the headquarters of the team. In the center of each base (it is desirable in some open space), the Domination Point is mounted and at a certain distance (necessarily not in the line of sight and, accordingly, not in the line of direct shot), the Re-spawn Device of this team is placed.

Thus, each team has its headquarters, with the Point in the center and the Re-spawn at a certain distance from the Point, but not in the line of sight and fire.

Game process  

Each Domination Point is set with a neutral color. Both teams take up a defense at their bases and start a game from their Domination Point with full hit points.

The team's goal - to capture (paint) the foreign Domination Point and don't let the enemy team capture its own Point.

The players of each team can re-spawn (reload) their life an unlimited number of times, but it can be done only with their own team Re-spawn Device.

This scenario is played for a certain period of time (or until any Point is captured), for example, 20,30 or 40 minutes, depending on the level of defensive positions, from the distance between them, from the experience of players and the availability of time.


The winner is the team that first captured the enemy's Point.

If none of the teams managed to take the enemy's point within the allowed period of time, then the game ends in a draw. This scenario is usually played if you have a large number of experienced laser tag players who know this location. Experienced players are needed because this scenario requires the development of minor tactics (formation and location of defense players, creating usually several battle groups, planning of the route to the enemy's headquarters, coordination of capturing of the enemy's Point, etc.)

Special conditions for laser tag base scenario.

It is necessary to remember that in this scenario, the Re-spawn Device should be placed at a certain distance, and certainly not in the line of sight or fire from the Domination point, otherwise the defense side gets too much advantage (by having the opportunity to endlessly reload and shoot attack players from the Re-spawn Device) and capturing the opponent point becomes impractical.

There are times when the Points are captured with a small time interval one from another, which is fraught with problems in determining the winning team, disputes and conflicts. Therefore, if the bases are located at a distance when the shout about the capturing may not be heard on the other side of the location, you’ll need to have two judges at the game, or some loud means of communication, such as a whistle.

The Re-spawn Devices of each team preferably should be on the opposite side from the opponent's base and should not stay on the concentration of potential attack routes, otherwise it gives too many advantages to the defense side.

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